photos of artefacts

these are some of the photos that we have chosen to do our inferences on:

This photo depicts a few pieces of shattered china excavated from the empress place, and originated in the 14th century
these pieces of porcelain were the innovation of the tang dynasty, but it was never mass produced until the yuan dynasty, and was exported to other countries. This artifact was most likely used as decoration or used as dinnerware.
they do not look different from their modern counterparts, and are still used for the same purposes as before.

This photo depicts a old and rusted kerosene lamp. it was widely used by the public as a means of lighting until the introduction of light bulbs, from which this lamp began to lose it's popularity as it was too bulky and inefficient as compared to the lightbulb. It is very large and bulky and produces less light compared to modern lightbulbs. It also produces a strong odor, unlike the modern day lightbulb.

this was a type of pants used by coolies in the past. they were strong and tear resistant, and was favored by coolies and they specialized in labour work and their pants easily tore. It is much more baggy and rough than it's modern counterpart. it was also shorter than its modern counterpart, and does not reach the toes