reflections on the trip

We particularly favored the walking part of the trip, as it allowed us to see the beautiful sights along the river. we were also able to get up close to artifacts that we have only seen on photos but have never seen them in person, like the statue of sir stanford raffles (for some of us). By walking, we were also able to fully immerse ourselves in the culture of the people living around the river. The exhibits in the museum were also very interesting, and it allowed us to visualize the lives of people living in the previous generations.

some challenges that we faced in the trip included on deciding which exit we should take, and that took up a lot of precious time. We also had some diffculty trying to get to the other side of the road as we were unfamiliar with the place.

If we could do it again, we would definitely complete the task with much more efficiency and speed. We would also be much more coordinated in our actions and be able to take more photos and explore more places.